Songs for people who lost something

You need songs to help you grieve the people, places, and dreams you’ve lost. We’ve made an album for you. It’s called “Future, Past, Present” and it contains two songs by Jason and two by Jonathan. It was recorded live in Goshen, IN.

You might think this was a pretty great record, but in many ways it was and is a failure. Which we are celebrating. More about that soon.

Listen to the album for free. Tips appreciated.

Or click the button above to buy a compact disc. For $8. Letterpress printed. Shipping included.

Failure? We tried to make a great EP. It’s decent, with some great moments. We wanted it to reach a slightly wider public than the small crowd of people who listen to everything we produce. We didn’t. We hoped to create a beautiful and unique physical CD with original illustrations produced on letterpress in our hometown. It turned out…bland. We are celebrating all this because 1. learned enough to do better next time, 2. This is how it works when you’re trying to create something really good

But we’ll let other people’s perspectives about it (positive and negative) help you the listener “find something beautiful and useful in this glorious tragic world we are moving so quickly through, our dreams stretched ahead like ribbon fingers grasping air, our losses looping behind us in jagged currents.”

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